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At Pulse Digital Advertising, we are unique. With a simple request, we will give you a free website consultation on the health of your company’s website. Many companies will make you pay for this basic information that we provide to you for free. This blog will be a walk through of the information you can expect to receive with this free digital scan consultation.

Total Score

The Total Score of your website will tell us its overall health. It does this by categorizing problems into three separate categories:


Notices are the least troublesome of the bunch. They do not affect your Total Score. However, they could cause deeper problems in the future if they are not worked out now. Typically, you will see problems with internal links and redirecting issues in this section. Easy to fix but hard to see unless pointed out to you!


Warnings are problems that are starting to cause issues on your site. Given time, they are fixable and will not be detrimental to your Total Score. When these changes are made, your website’s SEO strategy will be strengthened thus raising your appearance on search rankings. An example of a common “warning” that many websites have pages on their websites that do not have meta descriptions.


Errors occur when a search engine tries to reach a page on your website but fails to get there. Your SEO strategy and search rankings are very important to you. Errors are a major factor into your Total Health Score of your webpage. We know that, so it is our mission to fix these detrimental issues.  A common error that many websites face is not having “crawlable” pages throughout their site. Check out our recent blog on crawled pages to find out more.

Traffic analysis

The summary of your traffic analytics is highly important to your SEO strategy. Did you know that nearly 60% of all traffic comes from mobile devices? Check out our Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019. This blog will tell you why it is essential to have your webpages be optimized for both desktop and mobile searches.

This Traffic Analysis will give you insight into the ratio of branded vs. non-branded traffic your website experiences. Branded Traffic gives you knowledge of how often people are searching for your company’s name directly. Non-branded traffic will give you insight into your SEO performance and its value. Check out our recent blog on Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic to find out more.


When your website’s rankings start to drop, keep calm and contact Pulse Digital Advertising to help. We will analyze your site and look for causes and solutions.

Websites often drop in rank because of loss of keywords. Many websites experience loss of keywords due to no fault of their own. Something as sly as a Google Algorithm update can cause your rankings to drop by two or two hundred. Lucky for you, with our services, we are able to constantly track and monitor these analytics. With our experts taking the lead, you can focus on all the other important aspects of your business.

With Pulse Digital Advertising’s Free Website Consultation, you will gain some insight into different styles of keywords. These include New vs. Lost Organic Keywords and Improved vs. Declined Organic Keywords. Don’t know what those terms mean? No problem, we’ve got you covered on our recent blog centering around keywords.


Let’s start with an easy definition and history lesson about backlinks. Simply put, backlink is when a web page links to another page. Search algorithms used to be a lot more simplistic then they are today. During this time, the more backlinks your page had, the higher it ranked. However, marketers soon figured this out and algorithm masters soon made their systems more complicated.

These days, backlinks are still vital to your SEO strategy as they continue to be Google’s number one ranking factor. There are simply many more complicated elements added to make only the best at what they do top the rankings. Backlinks do not have to be the most complicated part of your SEO strategy.

Because there are many other factors that affect search rankings, be sure to give backlinks attention, but not all your attention. There are easy ways to do this. Start linking other webpages to your site. Then, ask others to see if they will link to yours. The more reputable of people and pages that link to your webpage, the higher your page will appear on search rankings.

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