Read today’s blog to learn about which social media is the best for your business.

There is no doubt that social media increases exposure. Nearly 70% of Americans utilize at least one social media platform, meaning a message that you want to send can get its message across. Whether your company is selling office chairs or trendy shoes, having a platform where people can easily the products or services you offer is essential.

Throughout this blog, we will discuss the most prevalent social media platforms and how they could be beneficial to your business.


B2B Businesses

Quickly approaching the two and a half billion active user mark, Facebook’s former “just for fun” reputation has changed rapidly over the years.

While Facebook Advertisements may not be known to be lucrative for B2B marketers, the brand exposure does not hurt. If your company is serious about increasing brand awareness, you should try to carve out parts of your budget for both designs and advertisements.

If your company has the budget to have a graphic designer put together engaging graphics, you will most likely find greater success with people paying attention to the ad. To be able to spend money on advertisements simply for engagement will really help to drive brand engagement.

If your budget is not massive, decide what you believe your customers will respond best to. It is becoming increasingly harder to be reached by organic search, so sometimes simply running an ad so people see your name is not the worst decision in the world.

B2C Businesses

Let’s remember that Facebook has two and a half billion active users. Many of them are spending time admiring what other people are doing or wearing.

While Facebook’s landscape has changed since even 2016, the “social” part of its media platform is still king. That being said, B2C businesses are likely to get a higher ROI on Facebook Advertisements.

Something to consider for both B2B and B2B businesses – statistics coming from all of its two and a half billion active users, they spend an average of 35 minutes on the social networking platform.


B2B Businesses

With over 260 million monthly users, LinkedIn serves as the best professional social media platform. Whether you are a company looking for a top talent or a young professional looking to showcase your own talent, LinkedIn is the perfect place to do so.

Another powerful element of LinkedIn is the articles, blogs, and just general posts showcasing businesses. In many ways, LinkedIn is becoming another company review site. This makes businesses want to put their best foot forward. It also makes professionals look for companies that seem to be honest in what they are providing to the public.

B2C Businesses

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for any business willing to utilize its powers. However, B2C Businesses may not be able to utilize it for marketing efforts that they may see on other forms of social media.

Just because the marketing is different doesn’t mean that the utilization of LinkedIn for B2C Business has to be any less. A great example is when looking to find top talent. LinkedIn is a great place for companies to look and for professionals to market themselves.

Finding the next best blogger or photographer is just as vital to the success of your business as the branding of your company or a powerful advertisement. Simply put, businesses must figure out how to utilize each social media platform for the best growth within desired areas.  


B2B Businesses

B2B Businesses may have a more natural fit marketing on LinkedIn. However, they still can utilize platforms such as Instagram to the best of their abilities.

Take a look at Instagram’s for CBRE or General Eclectic. You will notice how they showcase their employees and the projects that they are working on.

This not only serves as a great platform for the public to better understand what they do but as a way to boost employee morale. Having employees’ proud faces reaching such an amount of people will only reinforce to the employees their worth and value to the company.

B2C Businesses

Instagram is no longer simply about the pictures that users post on their feed and has not been for a long time. B2C Businesses need to fully utilize the other capabilities of the app such as Instagram Live and Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories have essentially become a trophy case for accounts. Being able to categorize and organize, accounts can truly highlight their best stuff so users can continue to stay updated on content.  


B2B Businesses

If you are a highly visual business or you do not have a blog, Twitter may not be the best use of your company’s time. However, if you can find a voice that fits the tune of your business, the use of the platform may help to draw awareness to your company.

It is also important to not only share your own content on Twitter but to also share interesting and relevant content posted by other users or companies. Incorporating relevant and popular hashtags will also help to drive traffic to your account and bring awareness to the company.

B2C Businesses

Arguably the best use of Twitter for B2C businesses is the chance for customer interaction. Whether a customer Tweets a compliment or a complaint about your product or service, Twitter serves as a useful platform for companies to respond in a respectful and helpful manner.

Again, Twitter is a great way to serve as a very public voice for your company. For example, you could be a clothing company that donates to turtle saving efforts. Use Twitter to not only spread the message and voice of your band but to share news articles on how efforts such as yours is making an impact and the opportunities for growth.


B2B Businesses

We know what you’re thinking – how can a B2B operation utilize Pinterest. Isn’t this essentially an interior design or clothing showcasing platform? While that can serve well for B2C companies, B2B organizations can use Pinterest to showcase their brand.

B2B marketers have been known to get creative and publish very relevant content on Pinterest. For example, Pinterest Boards containing infographics or simply outlining their services are common.

If your company has a blog, create a Pinterest Board showcasing all of your blogs! Be sure to create graphics for your blogs that are visually appealing and draw consumers in. This will also help with the overall aesthetic of your blog.

B2C Businesses

If utilized properly, Pinterest can be a cake walk for B2C organizations. However, everything needs to be organized in a way that is easy for consumers to understand and search through.

If you are a clothing company, make boards of the collections of each season. If you are a jewelry company, make boards for certain styles of engagement bands. Get creative, but most importantly, listen to your customers.

If you are having an influx of purchases on a certain type of product, be sure to take special consideration when marketing that product. Maybe even market your Pinterest Board of that product on another site. Anything to draw attention to that product and showcase what it has to offer to consumers.


No matter the platform no matter your business, you can probably find a way to utilize any form of social media. It is up to you on what you think will be the best use of your time. If you are confident that you can reach these customers, utilize any and every form of social media.