These are our Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019. What are yours?

2019 has been an exciting year in the world of Digital Marketing Trends. Data is being analyzed in a way we have never seen before. New and improved utilization ideas are emerging daily. Needless, to say, we at Pulse Digital Advertising are excited. Continue on to read what we believe are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends so far this year.

Mobile Searches

A study by the Pew Research Center found that 34% of Americans only use their mobile phone as a device. The same study found 7% use tablets as a sole device. That being said, a report by Hitwise found that almost 60% of all searches came from mobile devices. Think of the ROI to be had.

Consumer demand now dominates the mobile search records. Your business needs to be prepared for the continuous evolution of this concept. Increase your company’s searchability by compressing your webpages for optimal search use on all devices. Get a free consultation from Pulse Digital Advertising and we will be able to give you some insights mobile search strategy.

Video Carousels

We have all heard it and utilized it for a long time now: video marketing is effective marketing. What researches are continuing to find is how truly effective it really is. What is really enabling the rise of video marketing is the rise of internet speed.

Consumers mostly search on mobile devices and you want them to have a seamless process. When utilizing video carousels in your marketing, compress your web pages to ensure a positive experience.

You do not have to think solely about branding when utilizing carousel marketing. Get creative with it. Emphasize the entertainment factor when curating this content. These videos will naturally engage consumers at a greater rate so make it memorable while you’re at it.

This is changing the game for B2B marketing as they now can add a previously unattainable entertainment value to their strategy. This is a massive opportunity for B2B businesses as suddenly. B2B companies can now add an entertainment value to their marketing in a way they could not before.

LSI Keywords within Content

Recently, we posted a blog about how to utilize LSI Keywords within your content. A quick recap: an LSI Keyword is essentially a synonym to the direct keyword that you are using to optimize your content. Curate LSI Keywords by looking at Google’s related searches. Analyze the results and see if you can utilize any of these words or phrases.

Another way to come up with LSI Keywords is the same strategy for optimizing mobile searches. Talk out how you would search for the product and try and use those words within your content.

Optimizing for Voice Search

Think about all the times you ask Amazon’s Alexa to add something to your grocery list or to play a certain song. All of that data is collected and reported to essentially see what is popular in the world today. Even one year from now, screen less web searches will dramatically rise.

Curating a SEO Strategy for optimizing voice search is as easy as it gets in the world of digital marketing. Simply have a conversation with a coworker about how each of you would search for said product. Bingo, your new keywords.

Alexa, what is your ROI for Amazon?

Searching beyond Google

This is no David and Goliath situation. It may be Big Goliath vs. Kind of Bigger Goliath. It will be no easy task to take Google’s #1 position in the search engine market. However, Amazon search process sure are making a run for it. A survey by Kenshoo found that 56% of consumers go to Amazon before anywhere else.

Think of this example. You have an Amazon Prime account and need a phone screen protector fast. So you go into your mobile Amazon app and search “phone screen protector”. Most likely, you didn’t have a specific screen protector in mind. However, you probably had a desired price range and wanted a product with good reviews. Guess what. You just did an Amazon search, not a Google search.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be clear: these are our thoughts so far on the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019. By no means are these are the trends that you should be utilizing to optimize your business. What we are trying to say is be on the lookout for our soon to be released blog, “Top 745 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019”. In the meantime, request a free digital scan consultation and start the conversation about implementing those trends.