Learn how to organize your content marketing strategy to perfection.

Establish Your Mission and Goals

Your content marketing strategy is vital to the long term success of your business. By understanding where your company currently is and where you want it to be, you will find out a lot when it comes to the tone and the voice that you will portray.

This will also be a great guidance on the intensity of your social media channel. If you are a company that plans on growing largely due to the use of social media, it will be of your best interest to create goals that follow along these lines. If your company plans to use social media but not rely on it, your goals should reflect accordingly.

Understand Your Audience

Regardless of who your audience is, your social media needs to appeal to them in order for you to achieve best results. The audiences of General Electric and American Eagle are vastly different yet strikingly similar. While both expect different content, they both expect the same thing about the content they see: quality.

Know if you audience wants to see how a certain set of new sandals pairs with your latest collection of jewelry or if your audience wants to see a member of your workforce out in the field.

A great way to find out more about your audience is the Question Forum on Instagram Stories. Ask questions with intent to your audience to find out what they expect and want from you.

Figure Out Best Content Channels

Read our recent blog on which type of social media is best for different types of businesses! In there you will find our take on how different types of social media platforms will serve your business best.

In this blog, you will find that if you are a B2B or a B2C organization, there is purpose and intent on each platform. The simplest form of advice that we can give is to find the voice that fits your company best and project that on as many platforms as makes sense time wise and economically.

Create Content Calendar

Excel is your best friend in this step. Simply create a week by week view of the times of days you want to post on which platforms.

It is important to research the times to post and have those organized accordingly on your calendar. You may want to post the exact same thing on both Facebook and LinkedIn but the peak time for users to be on the two platforms is probably different.

A content calendar is an excellent way to organize your strategy. It also makes it easy to structure keyword strategy and implement any changes as needed.

Create Content

Now that you have the format and the general idea of what you want your content to look like, it’s creation time! Remember to be thinking about your audience and what would make their engagement the highest as you curate this content.

It really is really important to take the time to make sure this content is optimized for SEO and looks visually appealing. When others are drawn in by the look of it and then continue to stay engaged by the quality of content that is being produced, you know you are doing something right.

Once you have this formula figured out, keep it up and continue to make quality content! In the modern digital era, consumers expect a lot from you. It simply takes you taking the time and dedication to produce such pieces.

Analyze Results of Posts

You will not know the worth of your posting if you do not analyze the results of your posts. This will help you to know if what you are doing is something that engages and entertains the consumer of if it is not working. Your content marketing strategy should be constantly changing as you see what plays into the success of your business.

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