Check out our schedules to find out when and where we go in Europe with DFDS. You can store your tickets on your iPhone by buying them, logging in, or entering your booking information. 

If you are a freight driver, you can check the status of your booking to spend as little time as possible waiting at a DFDS terminal, whether you are dropping off or picking up units.

For the passengers:

– Your app lets you see and store your ticket. You can sign in to your DFDS account or enter your booking number and last name to save information about your ticket. Additionally, you can use your custom itinerary to keep track of when you leave. Push notifications will let you know about delays, traffic, and crowding. You just need to turn on your notifications for that. You can also find out when all DFDS ferries leave and arrive and where the terminals are.

For the freight drivers:

– Your app lets you see and store freight bookings. Enter the release number and unit ID to store the units that you need to pick up from or deliver to DFDS terminals. Make a list of bookings and cross them off when you’re done. Check the status of the unit and when the ferry carrying the unit will leave and arrive. Use the QR code to check in at the self-check-in booths at the terminals.